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Hello and WAR EAGLE!

Welcome to the "cyber" home of the Charlotte Auburn Club.  We hope you will
find this to be a friendly, informative way of gleaning information about
Auburn, Alumni affairs, the Charlotte Auburn Club and our community.  We
are working to make our club, and this site, a vehicle for all things of
interest to our diverse membership.  Suggestions and recommendations are
encouraged and certainly welcomed.  With over 800 alumni in the greater Charlotte area, the potential exist for an outstanding membership.

The officers are working on several "special" projects.  We are working
with other clubs in North Carolina to have "AU" license plates created with
the DMV.  Our biggest obstacle is obtaining the pre-requisite 300 prepaid
orders.  A process is being designed to make this as easy as possible.  We
ask for your patience first, then your participation.  It would be great to
see Auburn plates all over the state and region spreading the Auburn

Another goal of the officers is to create a scholarship fund.  We would
like to be able to sponsor a deserving local young person with the gift of
Auburn.  Creating the committee is the easy part, endowing this fund is the
key to success.  Over the next few months, you will be hearing much more on
the subject, and hopefully, we can get everyone as excited as we are.

The club will be meeting again this year at the Mellow Mushroom to watch
football games.  The ownership and management of the Mellow Mushroom has
been great, and are looking forward to sponsoring us again.  The Mellow
Mushroom is a "smoke-free" environment and very "family friendly".   Keep
checking the web site for games and times.  We also send out weekly e-mail
updates, so let us know if you would like to be included.  Everyone is

We are looking forward to a great year and hope you will be a part of our
success.   GO AUBURN!