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The Charlotte Auburn Club, along with the Triangle Area, Piedmont, and Blue Ridge Auburn clubs, is gauging interest in obtaining official North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles Auburn automobile license plates.

Plates are not available yet. We're just seeing if there's enough interest.

(Proposed NC Auburn License Plate Design)

The NC DMV requires 300 plates to be prepaid for any new design of license plates. The cost will be $25 in addition to the regular cost of plate renewal. The text on the plates will be 5 characters, with one character assigned by the DMV, and the other 4 either randomly assigned by the DMV, or customized by you for an additional fee. Above is a proposed design for the plates.

If you're interested in Auburn license plates, please e-mail the Charlotte Auburn Club at  and tell us:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Which NC Auburn Club you're associated with (if any)
  5. How many plates you want

Once we have enough people signed up, we’ll contact everyone to collect money and coordinate plate requests.

Please be patient, this will probably take a while. Check this page for updates on our progress.