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Charlotte Auburn Club Scholarship
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The Charlotte Auburn Club has endowed a scholarship fund that will benefit a local academically qualified student who wishes to attend Auburn University.  Applications for the award of the partial scholarship should be directed to Auburn University.

Donations to the Charlotte Auburn Club scholarship fund for any amount are welcome and are tax deductible. Funds may be donated via the Charlotte Auburn Club membership form.   Thank you in advance for your generosity!



Auburn Legacy Scholarship


On April 2, 1997 the Out-of -State Auburn Club Presidents were sent a letter from William V. Muse, President of Auburn University. The subject of the letter was announcing the approval of the Auburn Legacy Program. The program was officially approved by the Auburn University Board of Trustees at their March 20th meeting.


"The program allows the children of an Auburn graduate, who is a life member of the Auburn Alumni Association, to be assessed tuition at two times the in-state rate. Without this program, students would have to pay three times the in-state rate. This amounts to a savings of approximately $10,000 over a four-year period for each student effected, at current tuition rates."


"At the same meeting, the Trustees also approved a proposal to allow students from out-of -state who have a scholarship that is at least equal in value to the in-state tuition to be assessed tuition at two times the in-state rate. This represents a savings of similar amount as the Auburn Legacy Program for out-of-state students. It also represents a savings for those Auburn Clubs in other states that have established scholarship funds for students who desire to go to Auburn."


"Both of these changes were necessitated by an Alabama residency law adopted by the 1996 Legislature that does not allow students who come to Alabama primarily for the purpose of going to school to be classified as residents and prohibits the waiver of out-of-state tuition except in a very few well-defined cases."


"The Auburn Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni and Development worked hard to obtain approval of these two proposals by the Board of Trustees. They hope that these measures will help us retain the tradition of our alumni encouraging their sons and daughters to attend Auburn. The Auburn Family is a very important part of the university and they want to strengthen the family ties in this way.


If you have further questions on this matter, please contact Dr. Muse at (334) 844-4650.